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With Cloud computing, you only use what resources you need, and in turn, you only pay for what resources you use. ECOM Datacentre portfolio of Cloud services allows your business to control costs through predictable, yet flexible, OpCOM based pay-as-you-go pricing models.

With ECOM Datacentre Cloud Services you can work smarter and more flexibly by accessing your data and services from anywhere, anytime. Reliability is increased through our guarantee of 99.9% up time. The fact that your data is stored in our UK Datacenter also means that security and business continuity plans are improved over traditional on-premise solutions.

Our Cloud services include:

Hosted Desktop (VDI)

An ECOM Datacenter Hosted Desktop can be accessed from anywhere.

Hosted Server Resources

Virtualization is designed to address the inefficiencies and limitations of in-house dedicated servers.

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